Law Firm Peter De Cock aims to work as transparently as possible. Which is why we communicate as openly as possible about all the costs that a legal case entails. The costs consist mainly of 3 things:

  • The lawyer fee
  • The operating expenses of the office (correspondence, travel, …)
  • Court costs (proceedings, experts, …)

There are several ways to calculate the fee:

For a case with hourly rate, a fixed rate per hour is agreed before the case is started. The rate depends on several factors:

  • Value of the case
  • Complexity

The hours are divided into 12-minute units of time. The rate differs for each case, and starts at 125 euro. However, the agreed hourly rate may be less in a few specific cases.

In the case of a value-based fee, a certain percentage is agreed based on the monetary value of the case. For example:

  • From 0 to 10,000 euro: 15%
  • From 10,000 to 100,000 euro: 12%
  • Above 100,000 euro: 8%

Thus you know in advance exactly what fees to expect when choosing this way of working.

It is also possible to apply a conditional fee. Here you pay a lower hourly rate.
If the case is settled wholly or partly in your favour, you also pay us a rate agreed in advance based on the value of the case.
If the case is not pronounced in your favour, or the counterparty is insolvent, you do not pay the conditional fee.

For certain cases a fixed price can be agreed. If you as a business owner or company regularly need representation in the same types of cases (such as debt collection without dispute), prices agreed in advance can be applied.

We examine each case to determine the best formula for you.

We can never say in advance exactly what a case will cost or what the chances of success are. However, we can provide a realistic estimate based on our experience. In some cases we can also perform a solvency analysis of the counterparty.

We maintain detailed performance sheets, and you will be regularly informed concerning the costs. With each development in the case, we will consult with you concerning the options and risks.

In many of the cases that we handle, our customers do not have to bear the costs, or must only partially do so. This is due to legal expenses insurance and/or the statutorily prescribed contribution towards the other party’s legal representation costs.


We can discuss all the options with you and assess the opportunities and risks at an introductory meeting at our office. An introductory meeting will cost 100 euro. This fee must be paid in cash.

The costs of an introductory meeting will be deducted if the case is pursued.

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Since 2014, lawyer services are subject to VAT. The amounts mentioned above are exclusive of 21% VAT. More information can be found in this circular.